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SCM-453 03 A/B - Meeting the Needs of the Customer

Featuring Zach Zacharius

Length: 2 hours

Module 3 - Meeting the Needs of the Customer

  • Understand the relationships between order management and customer service.
  • Appreciate how organizations influence customers’ ordering patterns as well as how they execute customers’ orders.
  • Realize that activity-based costing (ABC) plays a critical role in order management and customer service.
  • Know the various elements of customer service and how they impact both buyers and sellers.
  • Calculate the cost of a stockout.
  • Understand the major outputs of order management, how they are measured, and how their financial impacts on buyers and sellers are calculated.
  • Be familiar with the concept of service recovery and how it is being implemented in organizations today.

Supplementary Materials

  • Notes & Materials