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Course: SCM-456 Applied Supply Chain Models [Full Course]

Featuring Richard Titus

Length: 13 Modules

Applied Supply Chain Models

Comprised of 13 modules, Applied Supply Chain Models presents an analytic approach to supply chain management, including the development of inventory and forecasting models, supplier selection approaches, supply chain quality management, and production planning and supply chain network design.  This course presents topics common to supply chain management through a more quantitative approach.   

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    SCM-456 01A/B -Introduction to the Supply Chain and Supply Chain Management
•    SCM-456 02A/B - Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit and Scope
•    SCM-456 03A/B - Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics and Inventory Carrying Cost Case Study
•    SCM-456 04A/B - Designing Distribution Networks and Applications to e-Business
•    SCM-456 05A/B - Introduction to Optimization and Linear Programming
•    SCM-456 06A/B - Network Design in the Supply Chain including Excel Solver Examples
•    SCM-456 07A/B - Excel Solver Examples
•    SCM-456 08A/B - Designing Global Supply Chain Networks with Uncertainty
•    SCM-456 09A/B/C - Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain
•    SCM-456 10 - Aggregate Planning
•    SCM-456 11 - Sales and Operations Planning in a Supply Chain
•    SCM-456 12A/B - Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) and Safety Stock: Cycle Inventory in the Supply Chain
•    SCM-456 13 - Supplier Selection

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Supplementary Materials

  • SCM-456 01A and B Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 02A and B Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 03A, B, C and D Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 04A, B and C Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 05A, B and C Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 08A, B and C Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 09A, B and C Notes and Materials
  • SCM-456 12A and B Notes and Materials