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Course: SCM-453 Integrated Logistics & Transportation Management [Full Course]

Featuring Zach Zacharius

Length: 14 Modules

Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management

Comprised of 14 modules, Integrated Logistics and Transportation Management focuses on the control of physical distribution and inventories, including the management and flow of information, products, and funds through an extended supply chain.  The role of transportation in creating customer value is explored extensively.

This series includes the following webcasts:
•    SCM-453 01A/B - Integrated Logistics & Supply Chain Management
•    SCM-453 02A/B - Logistics Role in Supply Chains
•    SCM-453 03 A/B - Meeting the Needs of the Customer
•    SCM-453 04A/B - Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
•    SCM-453 05 A/B - Supply Chain Relationships
•    SCM-453 06 A/B - Supply Chain Performance Measurement And Financial Analysis
•    SCM-453 07A/B - Understanding Transportation Modes
•    SCM-453 08A/B - Managing a Transportation System
•    SCM-453 09A/B - Managing Fulfillment Operations
•    SCM-453 10 A/B - Packaging and Materials Handling
•    SCM-453 11A/B - Managing Information Flow
•    SCM-453 12 A/B/C - Global Dimensions of Supply Chains
•    SCM-453 13 A/B - Designing a Network - Network Analysis
•    SCM-453 14A/B/C - Future Logistics Challenges associated with Supply Chain Sustainability

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