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SCRM-03 Supply Chain Risk Management

Featuring Gregory L. Schlegel

Length: 1 hour 36 minutes

Supply Chain Risk Management

This module explores a new and exciting discipline in supply chain management--Supply Chain Risk Management. The module

  • Explains why this discipline is becoming critical to supply chain excellence

  • Addresses global uncertainty, sources of uncertainty and complexity, and the devastating cost of supply chain disruptions

  • Defines relevant terms and concepts and presents new management and process frameworks, including Enterprise-wide Risk Management

  • Profiles new techniques, tactics, metrics of success and tools such as Cloud-based Risk Heat Maps, War Room Dashboards, and more to mitigate and manage global risk

  • Presents case examples of early adopters and exemplars of SCRM

  • Identifies emerging characteristics of SCRM with guidance regarding how to begin the SCRM journey

Supplementary Materials

  • Notes and Materials