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SCF-04 Managing Working Capital Investment

Featuring Samuel C. Weaver

Length: 53 minutes

Managing Working Capital Investment 

This module provides an understanding of how a finance person thinks about Supply Chain Finance. It covers the areas of general supply chain financial management, accounts receivable management, inventory days outstanding (DOS) measurement, and the rationale for taking accounts payable discounts. At the conclusion of this module, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand supply chain investment at their firm as measured by operating and cash cycles

  • Demonstrate the strategic impact that effective supply chain management provides

  • Evaluate a customer’s strengths and weaknesses by using a systematic financial performance metric application using data from supplier and customer financial statements

  • Consider alternative approaches to measuring inventory days outstanding using traditional approaches and a refined exhaustive approach

  • Justify taking a supplier’s discount

Supplementary Materials

  • Module Notes & Handouts