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SCM-453 12 A/B/C - Global Dimensions of Supply Chains

Featuring Zach Zacharius

Length: 2 hours

Module 12 - Global Dimensions of Supply Chains

  • Describe the complexity of a company’s global supply chain network and understand what questions need to be addressed for the supply chain to be competitive.
  • Understand the three major phases of globalization and understand the underlying economic and political forces driving each phase.
  • Appreciate the complexity and magnitude of the operations of successful global companies and why global expansion is important to their growth and financial viability.
  • Explain how technology and service specialists can help companies, especially small- to medium-size firms, penetrate the global marketplace and contribute to their competitive success.
  • Appreciate the importance and contributions of the trading partner countries of the United States and how they support our global prosperity.
  • Understand the complexity of global markets and how competitive strategy can help mitigate complexity.
  • Explain the need for global security measures and the flexibility necessary to ensure that such security measures do not impede trade but rather enhance the flow of goods and services.
  • Discuss global transportation options and strategic intermediaries and their role in global in supply chains.

Supplementary Materials

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