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Supply Chain Management

Lehigh offers individual online Course and Enrichment Modules for supply chain management education and training to both individuals and corporations.

Let’s face it.  Do you really expect your professional life to become less demanding and competitive each year?  Of course you don’t.  So, how do you stand out from everyone else in a crowded space?  What makes you special and unique?  And, how can you tap into leading supply chain management thinkers and knowledge? 

What makes Lehigh University's Professional Development Courses unique?

  • Designed cooperatively by faculty who are supply chain leaders, Lehigh’s supply chain program is rigorous, in-depth and provides a complete body of knowledge that is essential for a well-rounded supply chain education.

Who is this designed for?  

  • It is for someone who is not afraid of exploring new ideas, taking on new challenges, advancing their supply chain career—and is willing to put in the effort to do so!  Supply Chain professionals will be prepared to be dynamic leaders and to improve supply chain operations.

Why not start your journey toward supply chain excellence right now?    


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